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"I have been a patient of Dr. Oswald's for the past 8 years. My first visit was due to a very tight lower back due mostly to poor hamstring and glute flexibility. After improving my flexibility I continued to see Dr Oswald for achilles tendonitis and another hamstring injury. Since I am a Head Coach of Football, as well as Boys Lacrosse, at Shawnee High School the next logical step was to introduce many of our athletes to Dr. Oswald for sports injuries and rehabilitation of these injuries. Needless to say we would not have had the success with our sports teams if it were not for the superb care we receive from Dr. Christopher Oswald."

Tim Gushue
Shawnee High School
Instructor of Exercise Physiology and Nutrition
Head Football Coach
Head Boys Lacrosse Coach
"For me, Dr. Oswald is nothing short of a magician. I walk into his office with aches, pains, and localized discomfort--and I leave feeling healthy and comfortable. I admire and appreciate his diagnostic excellence, his ability to listen, and his skill at pinpointing the exact spot that needs work. The general tone of the office from the time you enter until you leave is both professional and welcoming. For anyone in need of chiropractic work, visit Dr. Oswald. You'll be glad you did!"

Anne Knoll
I've been a patient for a year an a half, and my neck and back have never been better! Not only does Dr. Oswald treat chiropractic issues, he is also well versed in keeping me healthy with help in vitamins and workout questions. I feel he is concerned about me, the whole person, not just as a patient. He also treated my husband, who previously didn't find chiropractic care helpful, but is now a believer! Dr.Oswald's kindness and expertise makes such a difference in my overall well being, I don't feel my age! Thank you Dr. Oswald! I will continue to be a patient for optimal health.

Joan Powell
Feeling Fabulous @ 40something!
I entered my 40’s not sure what to expect from this interesting milestone. I learned that the sky is the limit as long as I am willing to be kind to my mind & body. During this time a good friend introduced me to Dr. Christopher Oswald. I have been under his care for several years now. He has helped me work through several issues as I seek the eternal Fountain of Youth. No matter what abuse I inflict on my body, I know that Dr. Oswald is a quick phone call away. Additionally, his office staff is courteous and accommodating.

JoAnn Jankowski
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Medford, New Jersey 08055
(609) 714-1306

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